Thank You


We had a blast on Saturday!
The lads from DBHMS made our day.
They behave like it always should be, but rarely is!
Maybe it’s a “southern thing” to be grounded and not acting like a big star! ;-)
We hope, we treated you guys also like it should be and we look forward to do this one more time.

A big “Thank You” goes to(not in particular order):
Janko, Gaatske, Patrique – Sound and Light – You guys did a fantastic job!!!!
Sven and Thomas – Bar staff – a bit lazy sometimes, but anyway ;-)))) (“Ich brauch’ Wechselgeld”)
Anki and Rolf – Door – seriously good ;-)
Antje – Merchandise – selling queen ;-)
Hotel staff – looked after us very well and served a “spectacular breakfast”
Ute – Landlady – Wow! ;-)
Gaby – Catering – Lekker
Everyone who came and rocked with us all!