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Live & HD Video (USB Creditcard)

live_homepage.pngusb_homepage.png CD, incl. USB stick(Creditcard) with full HD video, 2023, produced by Railroad
  1. The Night After It’s Been Said
  2. Pack My Things
  3. Your Window
  4. I Don’t Mind
  5. The Hunter
  6. Walking Around
  7. Perfect Day
  8. Something Good
  9. Rock With Me
  10. No Second Chance
  11. Little Letter/Telefonzelle
  12. Wanted Man
  13. We Know*
  14. Where To Go*
(*CD bonus tracks)
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Album_Narration_CD_Store.png CD, 2019, produced by Railroad
  1. The Night After It’s Been Said
  2. Perfect Day
  3. Rock With Me
  4. Walking Around
  5. his Time
  6. No Second Chance
  7. Narration Of Separation
  8. Punked Up Barbie
  9. Rock’N’Roll Queen
  10. Railroad Boogie
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Railroad Vinyl

Album_Railroad_LP_Store Vinyl LP, 2016, produced by Railroad Side A
  1. I Am
  2. For A Ride
  3. Bottle Of Beer
  4. Under Construction
Side B
  1. Stand In Line
  2. Foreign Country
  3. Ordinary World
New version of „For A Ride“ only available on Vinyl LP!
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Album_Railroad_CD_Store CD, 2015, produced by Railroad
  1. I Am
  2. Foreign Country
  3. The Jungle
  4. Ordinary World
  5. Your Window
  6. Pack My Things
  7. Thinkin
  8. Stand In Line
  9. Bottle Of Beer
  10. Bad Boy
  11. Under Construction
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SOLD OUT!!!…On The Run… Live In The Netherlands. SOLD OUT!!!

Album_Railroad_CD_Store CD, 2011, produced by Railroad
  1. I Dunno
  2. Ready To Rock
  3. Under Construction
  4. A Little Letter
  5. Got No Way Out
  6. Bottle Of Beer
  7. Thinkin
  8. Let’s Talk About
  9. The Hunter
  10. Bad Boy
  11. Rock’n’Roll Queen
  12. For A Ride
  13. Wanted Man/On The Run
  14. Railroad Boogie
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Something Good

Album_Railroad_CD_Store CD, 2009, Produced by Eike Freese & Railroad
  1. Bottle Of Beer
  2. Got No Way Out
  3. Ready To Rock
  4. Something Good
  5. Thinkin
  6. Under Construction
  7. The Hunter
  8. I Have To Go
  9. Crazy
  10. I Can’t Handle You
  11. Let’s Talk About
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Where To Go

Album_Railroad_CD_Store CD, 2007, produced by Eike Freese
  1. The Tramp
  2. We Know
  3. Ocean Drive
  4. I Don’t Mind
  5. For A Ride
  6. A Little Letter
  7. Emergency
  8. Where To Go
  9. Bad Boy
  10. Telefonzelle
  11. Wanted Man/On The Run
  12. 160
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Shirts etc.

29th Anniversary Tour – T-Shirt
Bad Boys Of Boogie, grey, navy blue, red – T-Shirt
Railroad Hoodie
Railroad T-Shirt

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