A Happy New Year, everyone!

Railroad are going into the studio in february, to record a new album.
The band is happy to win Nico Klaukien from the Elevate-Studios, Hamburg for it. He did the mix and a part of the recordings of the last Railroad album, so he knows what to expect.
Railroad are spending a couple of weeks, to record their brand new songs in this wonderful atmosphere. The band is looking forward to present the result, later this year in an officially release somewhere! ;-)

A lot of gigs are rollin’ in and to be up to date, you have to watch this space!
The first station on the “30 Years Of Badness” Tour is the “Kamphuis” in 25451 Quickborn, Germany.
Railroad is going to play a couple of new tunes for the very first time, live in front of an audience!
Be there and don’t miss it!